Tolani College of Arts and Science, Adipur (NAAC A-Grade)

(Affiliated to KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj)
(Managed by Gandhidham Collegiate Board)


The result has been very much encouraging for the students as well as teachers as ever. In TYBSc in top five are all girls. Three of Chemistry , followed by Microbiology and Maths , one each. In TYBA out of 15 top ten , seven are from our college. Top four out of five in SYBSc , are our students. Out of 11 top ten of SYBA, three are from Tolani campus. From June 2011, Choice Based Credit System ( CBCS) and semester system have been introduced and grading is to be given to the passing students so it is not possible to give the names of toppers from FY BA and FYBSc class. Many have secured A+ grade. Out of 19 toppers listed here , only one is boy and the rest all are girls. So it is the women power which as ever has emerged this year too. Congratulations to all !

Sr No. Class Name Subject Rank Last year
1 TYBSc Karishma Khemani Chem 1st 1st
2 TYBSc Krishna Chaudhri Chem 2nd  
3 TYBSc Darshna Kanthecha Chem 3rd  
4 TYBSc Anamika Gupta Micro 4th  
5 TYBSc Bhumika Chandwani Maths 5th  
6 TYBA Manisha Rudani   1st  
7 TYBA Seema Pujara   3rd  
8 TYBA Raja Asgar Adam   4th  
9 TYBA Shradhdha Thakker   9th  
10 TYBA Paras  Chawda   10th  
11 TYBA Dhara  Rudani   10th  
12 TYBA Avani Thakker   10th  
13 SYBSc Rupal Shah Chem/Mic 1st  
14 SYBSc Arpita Kar Maths/phy    
15 SYBSc Satya prabha Pande Maths/phy    
16 SYBSc Shashi Saini Chem/Mic 1st  
17 SYBA Kavita Godhwani   8th  
18 SYBA Komal Goswami   10th  
19 SYBA Dipeeka Sen