Tolani College of Arts and Science, Adipur (NAAC A-Grade)

(Affiliated to KSKV Kachchh University, Bhuj)
(Managed by Gandhidham Collegiate Board)

From Principal’s Desk



It gives us immense pleasure in inviting all to peep in our story of success and to share and to learn from others what else we should do to excel.

The college gets combination of talents and abilities, hence, it becomes our responsibility to channelize it in such a way that they become a complete human being. We provide an atmosphere where they have freedom to select their own likings and the methodology of learning. The institution aims at producing enlightened leaders who have excellent potential to grow and excel in diversified fields (COP). We have started with full force to play a leading role in providing quality education and careers. We have identified the needs for modern age students. Hardwork with a vision and mission accompanying transparency, accountability and accessibility keeps us abreast and also ahead of our competitors. We continuously aim and work for student and parent satisfaction (PTA), without ignoring fundamental requirement of value education (VIVEC). A study team of highly qualified and skilled faculty and technical staff, efficient administrative staff under guidance of highly experienced and quality conscious management are open secrets behind the growth and performance of our students (Meritorious positions in KSKV Kachchh University). We are committed in adopting a student centric approach to provide career education rather than merely a degree oriented education. We aim at 100% placements to the eligible students and tie-ups with various industries and organizations (Career counseling and placement). We have fixed our goals which are rational and realistic and achieve them through hardwork, dedication, innovation in our students and through positive attitude.

We look forward to a frank and open feedback of all to enable us to achieve quality and strive higher benchmark.

Thank You.

Dr. Sushil G. Dharmani